Friday, October 30, 2009


An alien donates to a sperm bank.  A single mother impregnated by the sperm discovers that she's carrying the alien's baby as are many other women.  She fears he is trying to destroy humanity.  She tries to stop him and finds that he is trying to breed a new strand of DNA to save his species.

Opening scene: 
A man is being shown to a room by a nurse. She gives him a plastic cup explains where the porn magazines are, mentions that there's an internet connection if he's into that and points out the box of tissues.  The man picks up one of the porn magazines and looks curiously at it.  The door closes.

We're at the front desk and the nurse is saying goodbye to the man.  He turns to walk away.  Another woman sitting at the front desk says "excuse me sir".  He turns around and she hands him an envelope.  He walks out the door and pulls cash out of the envelope, again looking at it curiously.  Behind him is a sign on the building reading "Hill Fertility Clinic".

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