Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Trophies!

A businessman relies on his mother to push him up the corporate ladder. She enlists a team of her senior citizen patients to use their network to help him.

or a book of biz advice by a bunch of moms.


advanced iphone users compete for power by upgrading to new operating system versions and building their own apps

Steve Jobs works on a new pill that when you take it connects you to your iPhone via your brain.  He thinks it has all sorts of amazing capabilities but only when used for good.  When Jobs dies and the world mourns, a undercover operative inside Apple, with the help of Eric Schmidt, takes over the project and tests it on some real people with action-packed, terrifying results.


Young liberal Internet billionaire looking for love starts the ToxicPlanetLOL website.  He's tired of all those liberal chicks coming on to him and he goes online as a TeaParty conservative and falls in love with one from a RedState.  Hilarity ensues as he pretends to be conservative to "meet the family".  The whole state is expecting him and they all show their true colors when they meet him.

He uses crowdsourcing & the Internet to help him get the girl.

Tagline: WTF LOL?