Friday, December 4, 2009

The Halloween Fairy

A young girl and her friends are out trick-or-treating on Halloween discover that real-live goblins are taking over their suburban neighborhood.  The Halloween Fairy turns the kids into super heroes with powers based on their Halloween costumes to fight the goblins and save their parents from being locked in their closets.

Ug McGraw

A down on their luck North Dakota minor league baseball team discovers a frozen caveman buried beneath their ballpark.  Miraculously he's still alive. He thaws out and turns out he's a natural ball player.  Hilarity ensues as the team goes for the pennant with Ug. 

Casting: With Courtney Cox as the ambitious, horny local TV reporter, David Arquette as "Coach", Jeff Daniels as "The Professor" & Mel Brooks as "President Schwartz".  A young Kurt Russell type would be perfect for Ug.

Ancillary Revenue: Underwear, Ug Baseball Video Game w. Wi Club