Monday, October 25, 2010

Son of a Preacher Man

Brett is a failed stand-up comic.  He couldn't make it in the big leagues and now is reduced to doing stand-up at trade shows.  We meet him as he is doing his act at the annual Auto Manafacturers Association gala.  His whole act is about how America has become Toyota's bitch.  It doesn't go over well.  Brett gets blackballed from the circuit.

Seeking inspiration, he finds himself out in the rain. He ducks into a church to get dry and wanders into the midst of an amazingly bad extremist sermon.  Brett goes home and makes a Youtube parody of the minister and it goes viral in the congregation, most of who don't understand Brett is making fun (see Pow's Law).

Long story short - becomes a YouTube sensation and finds himself becoming the nation's preacher.  Think Billy Graham meets Bill Murray on Bill O'Reilly.

Title comes when Brett's girlfriend calls him " goddamn son of a....a...preacher man!"