Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The U.S. of A.

Harold & Kumar Get Married.  Harold - Korean translator for military.  Kumar - running FartRoulette site.  Posts a YouTube video rap song about farting which goes viral.  Suddenly everyone knows him.  Circumstances force Harold & Kumar to get married to each other and live in a conservative suburb as an out gay couple.  Kumar spends a lot of time cultivating a marijuana garden while doing battle with a monster weed that won't die.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Dream of Jeannie 2000

The sitcom updated to New Years Eve 2000.  Major Nelson is a bureaucrat in the Pentagon who gives kickbacks to Defense contractors in exchange for being shown a very good time.  His colleagues are in awe of him and treat him like the Elvis meets James Bond meets Tony Stark of government employees.

One day while doing shrooms with a sheik in a tent in the middle of the desert, Major Nelson wanders off into the dunes.  He stumbles upon an oasis and finds a bottle floating in the watering hole.  He opens it up and Jeannie pops out.  She's smoking - Jessica Biel mates with Bar Rafaeli and Giselle in a genie outfit created by Victoria's Secret.  As she offers Major Nelson her services all he can think about is getting her in the sack.  He wonders aloud if he should wish for the Venus Butterfly from LA Law or a tea bag?  The angel and devil from Animal House appear on his shoulders and argue - "butterfly", "tea bag", etc.  He appears to make up his mind, pulls out his flask, suavely walks over to Jeannie to the music of Esquivel and says "What's your name darling? Care for a drink?"

Comedy ensues as Jeannie gets drunk causing the pair to travel around the globe and through time. Major Nelson tries to get in Jeannie's pajamas while Jeannie tries to stop him from triggering several tactical nuclear devices.  Colonel Bellows and General Peterson both try to use their j'naysayqwa to steal Jeannie from Major Nelson.

Major Healy: David Cross
Amanda Bellows: Debra Messing
Colonel Bellows: Christopher Walken
General Peterson: Leslie Nielsen
Major Nelson: Will Farrell

Monday, June 14, 2010


An entrepreneur creates a new beverage that is more addictive than coffee. Antics ensue as the giants of the beverage industry try to figure out his secret formula.

Starring: Jason Sudekis as the inventor and Zach Galifianakis as the evil vegan CEO of Starbucks

Soundtrack: I'm a Barbie Girl