Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Loved Warren Beatty

Hollywood's hottest couple, Tom Holmes & Katie Cruise, are revealed to be pregnant.  Everyone across the country thinks that Katie is faking being pregnant and has made a deal with the Devil to become more famous than Nicole Urban, Tom's ex-wife who is currently the biggest actress in the world. Tom is deeply into a Scientology-like cult and Katie is a cynical golddigger.  We follow a colorful group of paparazzi as they battle to get the first shot of Katie's belly, etc. and the scramble that goes on among the tabloids, each trying to get an exclusive.  One paparazzo, who idealizes Warren Beatty to the extent that he has legally changed his name from "George Beatty" to "Warren Beatty", and is in fact the coolest paparazzo of all - kind of like the James Bond of paparazzi, devises a plan to woo Katie as a way to get some exlusive shots, and ends up becoming part of the story when Katie falls for him.  The real Warren Beatty gets in the act and much to his dismay is mistaken by the press as being Tom Holmes secret boyfriend.  At the height of the mayhem Katie goes into labor and Warren saves the day by delivering the baby while at the same time getting great photos, which gets him into the paparazzi hall of fame.

Tom Holmes: Rod Riggle
Katie Cruise: Sarah Silverman
Nicole Urban: Kristin Wiig
Warren Beatty: Zach Galifianakis