Friday, December 4, 2009

The Halloween Fairy

A young girl and her friends are out trick-or-treating on Halloween discover that real-live goblins are taking over their suburban neighborhood.  The Halloween Fairy turns the kids into super heroes with powers based on their Halloween costumes to fight the goblins and save their parents from being locked in their closets.

Ug McGraw

A down on their luck North Dakota minor league baseball team discovers a frozen caveman buried beneath their ballpark.  Miraculously he's still alive. He thaws out and turns out he's a natural ball player.  Hilarity ensues as the team goes for the pennant with Ug. 

Casting: With Courtney Cox as the ambitious, horny local TV reporter, David Arquette as "Coach", Jeff Daniels as "The Professor" & Mel Brooks as "President Schwartz".  A young Kurt Russell type would be perfect for Ug.

Ancillary Revenue: Underwear, Ug Baseball Video Game w. Wi Club

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Double Reality

A satirical look at the inside story of John & Yoko.  John is a bored biggest star in the world.  Yoko is a power-hungry alt-artist who sees John as her biggest canvas.

Under Her Thumb

The mythical tale of a legendary groupie who spends a tour in Mick Jagger's bed.  She overpowers Jagger and turns him into her love slave just as she had done to Clapton, Ringo, Dylan & Pat Boone.

Working Title: Jagger's Bitch

The YouTube Movie

Every scene in the story is lifted from a popular YouTube video. Boy meets girl whatever, etc.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Christopher Guest meets a TED Conference. 
Christopher Guest meets a Davos Conference
Christopher Guest meets an Internet Conference

Parodies of Bill Clinton, Bono, Bill Gates, Other world leaders.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chick Flick

When the local PBS station airs nothing but "Pride & Prejudice" round the clock, the men and women of a repressed upper middle class suburb all mysteriously start behaving as if they are in a Jane Austen novel.  The women find they love the sudden attentiveness, manners and romance of the men, while the men enjoy being, well, men.    

Friday, October 30, 2009

Baghdad Boyz

A group of Persian guys all try to make it in Hollywood but get rejected because of the whole terrorism thing.  A go-getter at the USO is trying to figure out how to export Ameri ancan Culture to Iraq after the war and brings the guys together to become a Persian version of the Backstreet Boys.   They take Iraq by storm with their Shock N Awesome tour but get into a vicious competition with a rival Shia boys group.

Tears of Joy

"Babette's Feast" for stoners.  A successful entrepreneur seeking fulfillment decides to create a recipe to enter in the Tears of Joy Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival. 


An alien donates to a sperm bank.  A single mother impregnated by the sperm discovers that she's carrying the alien's baby as are many other women.  She fears he is trying to destroy humanity.  She tries to stop him and finds that he is trying to breed a new strand of DNA to save his species.

Opening scene: 
A man is being shown to a room by a nurse. She gives him a plastic cup explains where the porn magazines are, mentions that there's an internet connection if he's into that and points out the box of tissues.  The man picks up one of the porn magazines and looks curiously at it.  The door closes.

We're at the front desk and the nurse is saying goodbye to the man.  He turns to walk away.  Another woman sitting at the front desk says "excuse me sir".  He turns around and she hands him an envelope.  He walks out the door and pulls cash out of the envelope, again looking at it curiously.  Behind him is a sign on the building reading "Hill Fertility Clinic".