Monday, April 26, 2010

Feels Like The First Time

Rushmore goes to college:
Dan, a college freshman gets roomed with Jordi,  the Israeli-American heir to a designer jeans fortune who only shows up to use the dorm room when he needs a place to bring his model girlfriends to have sex.  Dan's dreams of being a writer become a reality when Jordi, who is convinced he will become the next Jerry Bruckheimer, recruits him to write the movie that Jordi will direct.  Dan gets quickly swept up into Jordi's insane world as they start making the movie and turn the campus into Hollywood in the midwest, complete with casting calls, student-agents, and obnoxious gossip columnists.  I guess to make it complete Dan will need to lose his virginity.

The trailer alone with "Feels Like The First Time" as the theme song makes it a guaranteed success.  Pass on this one at your peril.

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