Saturday, August 14, 2010

Capote Dooby Doo

Truman Capote, Manhattan socialite writer during the week.  Drunken bon vivant amateur murder detective during weekends in the Hamptons.

House M.D. meets Robert Downey,  Jr's Sherlock Holmes meets Project Runway.

Episode 1: "In Bad Taste"

We meet 50's Manhattan socialite writer, Truman Capote, at the launch party for his new "non-fiction noire" book "In Bad Taste".  The party is being hosted by the Paleys, NYC TV magnates.  Earl Paley IIIrd is wearing a tacky necktie and matching handerkchief.  In his thank you speech, Truman alludes to the fashion faux pas and uses it as a clue to explain in embarrassing detail how he found out about the party and dreaded coming.  His hosts/guests are embarrassed but all agree with Truman's observations and applaud his skill and caustic wit.

Suddenly, the lights go out and Earl Paley IIIrd disappears.  Truman sets out to solve the mystery with his co-hort a young go-getter, fashion magazine fact checker named Anna Wintour.  While solving the mystery Truman tells us the story of "In Bad Taste".

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